Feel The Burn!!!!!

Feel The Burn!!!!
Evening one and all. So you can probably guess what this blog is going to be about… yep… exercise. 

This evening I had field hockey training. Man it was a killer! I know that I said I wanted to get fit for my dancing projects but I think I did too many burpees to say the least! I don’t mean the type that you burp from your mouth… I know what some of you are thinking. 

Anyway…our fitness routine consisted of  lots of running, lots of static exercises that make your thighs burn! We also did some stick and ball work followed by a game and it wasn’t too cold and raining which is always nice! By the end of the evening I was absolutely cream crackered
My Thighs are burning ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I think the whole reason why I’m blogging about this tonight is because I feel very grateful that I belong to a lovely hockey club. This particular hockey club has a great social side to it also, everyone gets on relatively (if not really) well. It’s one evening a week that I can train, keep fit and much to our coaches dislike have a little natter. Teehee. 🙂 

I know that I am going to be particularly sore in the morning and no doubt will get ripped at work for “walking funny”… oh well you know what they say no pain, no gain! 
If you have the chance to join a club, whether it be hockey, football, netball, basketball any type of sport, it would open up your social circle more and gives you the chance to meet new and exciting people. I would recommend it to anyone! 🙂  

Anyway… I need to sleep now, hope you all have had a wonderful evening! 

Laters 🙂

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