I Dream A Dream

So….. I’m sitting here wondering what it is exactly that I should be writing about and I am sure as the days, weeks and months go by I’ll figure it out,  so be patient with me 🙂


To tell you the truth I am a little excited by it (sad I know) but I thought this would be a great platform to talk about and comment on generic stories in the news, things that are going on around us and any other funky comments I feel like really. Also to help and inspire others to do the same! 


I gather that Blogging is very different to Facebook, Twitter or any other social media site out there, please correct me if I’m wrong. My aim is to add some value to someones life, even if it’s just for one day. So your feedback is needed but be nice of course! 

Today I realised, whilst walking around my local town, how many people have lost faith in thier dream, vision, ambition in life and just walking around (what appears to aimlessly  without a focus in their lives. I find this really upsetting and sad to see. At some point (generally when you are young) you have a dream, an ambition that you wish to achieve in your lifetime and as the years go by your focuses change, your day to day life takes over and your dream or ambition floats away in to the distance. 


This year I have decided to get my focus back on track. As you can tell from my title I like to dance and I’m also tiny, dinky in fact! My focus this year is to start dancing again to a level which I’d consider successful and be recognised for those talents. It’s not going to be easy as I’m not necessarily in great shape, to my satisfactory anyway. 

My dream is to be a dancer, performer, singer, actor and be recognised for that work but also to inspire others to follow their dreams, ambitions and nothing is never unbelievable when you put your mind to it.  

So my question to you is this…. what are you going to today to reset your focus on to your dream, ambition or vision? Your dream doesn’t even have to be massive, it could be the smallest thing but would make you feel different, better, maybe give you some focus towards something that you never thought you could ever achieve. 

Give it a go! Let me know how you get on? The sky is the limit!!!!

P.S This is me BTW!!!! 🙂 

4 thoughts on “I Dream A Dream

  1. I would have to establish what my dreams were before I could begin to answer that question.
    I, like you, am also currently pursuing a personal project, which you could call a dream. I have started the ball rolling which I suppose means I'm getting there. There is a huge amount of potential for my project, and there's a lot to do. So I am utilising contacts and advice and seeking guidance from professionals! No doubt I will keep you updated with the developments.

    Frustratingly I typed this on my phone, then managed to clear it opposed to publishing it. It's never as good the second time, but I made my points.

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