Happiness Is A Choice

Afternoon all,
I have now managed to wake up after several cups of tea ( 2 caffeinated and 2 decaff, just in case you were wondering) replied to a few emails and trawled through the internet to find something interesting to talk about for work and also on my blog. 🙂 
My morning didn’t start so well. 😦 I was running five minutes late and the drive in to work, that takes about 45 mins or half hour on a really good day (normally when the kids are off school) took a hour at best. On the route to work I thought I’d listen to some music, went to play my cd (6 disc change in the boot) and I couldn’t, radio showed an error message…..
No Magazine Found

Grrr… got out the car, went to the boot and checked the disc changer. It didn’t eject, it didn’t do anything but to sit there and be broken, almost just to annoy me more.
Great! Wonderful! 
(rolls eyes and huffs)
I Continue to drive to work listening to the worst radio stations year to date… I don’t want to listen to +NickGrimshaw in the morning, (he really annoys me) nor do I want to listen to Heart FM with that hideous arrogant presenter Jack The Lad. In the end I settled for Chris Evans on +BBC Radio 2 . I sometimes wish that +ChrisMoyles Show was back on +BBC Radio 1, at least they were funny and didn’t constantly name drop celebrities all the time and played some decent music. 

Anyway the point of my blog today was all though my morning started out on what seemed a rubbish note, I remembered that when leaving my bedroom this morning (in my sleepy, dreary,achey state) I had glanced at my bookshelf and saw my book Happiness Is A Choice. This was given to me by a lady that I hold close to my heart +devi kirin kaur. Naturally it got me thinking about how I could of looked at my situation this morning when driving in to work slightly different. Then maybe I wouldn’t of been so annoyed. 🙂

The book talks about how we can empower change in our lives just by simply choosing happiness. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is struggling with being happy in elements of their lives. It’s taught me some valuable lessons, that sometimes it’s good to take a positive stance on things and choose happiness in negative situations. 

“To Love Is To Be Happy With” Barry Neil Kaufman

One of my friends also said that “sometimes it’s OK not to feel ok, or to feel low sometimes, all is OK”. It took me some time to accept that as I always thought/think that being low or sad was a weakness. It’s just another part of being human and it’s how we process the lows and equally the highs that makes life wonderful!

I do try (really hard) to not judge what goes on in my head, to not let my mind take over and one day I will achieve the ability to sit with any discomfort without judging it. In the meantime I will  remember my amazing book and that Happiness Is A Choice! 

Have a wonderful day people, please leave comments as you see fit! 🙂 

2 thoughts on “Happiness Is A Choice

  1. Hi Shelley Belley 🙂 I couldn't think of anything better! 🙂 Miss you lots, so happy to see your a mumma, I bet you are doing a fantastic job. 🙂 All my love Em x

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