Home Is Where The Heart Is… Or So They Say

Evening all ,

This evening is a very sad evening for me and in a complete contrast to my previous blog today about Happiness Is A choice, but I felt it pertinent to write about it this evening.

Tonight I had to tidy up the last little bits in the house, as the estate agents are coming round tomorrow to show some clients around the property. That’s right I am selling. 😦 Sad Sad Times. 😦

The “thing” I’m struggling with the most is what this actually means to me, for me. I lived in that house for six years. Those six years have brought me such happiness and some sadness, but mostly happiness. I sometimes wonder if I was so happy (majority of the time) why have I decided to sell. That will be a story for another day but I made this my “HOME”. One of the biggest steps I’ve had to take, as an adult, was buying my very first house. It’s now on the market and I can’t help but feel that I’m going to lose the memory of everything that happened at “HOME” and I really do hope that thats not the case. No doubt over the next couple of months someone else will be calling my house “HOME”… this also upsets me greatly.

“Home” in a thesaurus it reads at ease, at rest, central, down home, familiar,family, homely, homey, household and in one’s element.

I did feel at ease at “home” more then 95% of the time. The house gave me a great sense of security, literally and physically. I had wonderful neighbours, the type that never asked too much about your business and kept themselves to themselves, however, if I needed anything I could be sure that they would be able to help, like I would for them.

This evening I’ve come to realise that a house will become a home when you feel at ease, at rest, it’s the central to everything else going on in your mad world. Home is familiar, it’s welcoming, it’s loving, it’s homey and where families reside and families start.

Anybody that decides to read this, this evening, or whenever it is that you wish to read it, please just remember that Home IS Where the Heart is. You could be anywhere in the world, with family or without, with friends, loved ones or even just your pets. If your heart is at home then your home will fill your heart with love, happiness (sometimes sorrow) hope, laughter, smiles and fond fond memories that you will keep forever! Sometimes I think we forget about the things that actually matter, we get bogged down with the daily pressures of life and forget to look up once in a while and appreciate what we actually have. We should be grateful for our health, our families, our wealth, the love that you have for one another, our children, our pets and our “HOME”. One day, at any given time, these cherished things can be taken from us with or without our own doing.

I just want to tell you to look up once in a while, look around at what you have and what you can be grateful for. I think that you will be pleasantly surprised with how much you do have and in the grand scheme of things, some things just do not matter.

Thanks for reading and your support

E x

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