A trip down memory lane…

Hey everyone, sorry for not speaking for a couple of days… it’s given me some time to think about what it is that I want to write. I want to be able to write about things that I feel important, that will hopefully make someone feel better…if that makes sense? A while ago I started writing a memory journal, just jotting down all the memories that I had from when I was quite young. I tried to go through a chronological order but sometimes (like my brain does) it flits from one decade to another. My great great great great grandmother (Annie Hurst) made her own journal and that inspired me to not forget life’s trials and tribulations. I grabbed the book today to add some further notes and I saw a poem I wrote…. so today’s blog is my poem I hope you enjoy it.

I worry what the future may hold,
My Life is a story waiting to unfold,
Chapters and line up stories to tell,
That would make a very good book to sell,
People will read and understand
How I ventured through the troublelands
To come out the other side
Stronger, wiser and no need to hide
People can be mean, nasty and cruel
And try to make you look stupid, like a fool
But they don’t know how strong you can beΒ 
Fighting for the right in everything you see
So you have nothing to fear
Stay strong, proud and sing for everyone to hear
You are perfect, you are you
So please please don’t change, whatever you do!!!!!Β 

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