Oh How I love Yoga

Hi All,

Last Monday I attended the Yoga Life Studio where +Wenche Beard teaches and I wanted to share with you my first experience of Ashtanga Yoga.

I have been interested in Yoga ever since my friend and teach +devi kirin kaur tempted me to attend one of her Kundalini Yoga classes and I can say that in both cases my experiences have been good but very different.

In the winter months I play a lot of field hockey and this does involve a a lot of running, which in turn means that my muscles become incredibly tight and toned. I am not one for spending time stretching completely after a game however since adopting some basic yoga stretches at home the day after my aches and pains have reduced and I have started to see more defined muscle taking shape. Yoga is giving me a reason to look after my body after a high impact and high endurance sport but it is also giving me stamina, flexibility and agility in my games.

I’m going to start making a Yoga practice something more regular in my working week, preferably starting in the morning just after I wake up. Not only will it wake up my sleeping muscles up, it will also provide me with a relatively clear head, which I think is a great tool to have just before your working day.

In my experience so far a Yoga practice keeps the body trim, your energy levels balanced and can create a neutral mind to work from. In some yoga practices meditation is provided and in my experience has helped me to quieten my mind which allows me to make clearer and logical decisions without being wrapped in emotion.

Ashtanga Yoga so far has been quite challenging with a lot of emphasis on upper body strength,  a strong core and good balance, but it also provides you with the ability to challenge your body and challenge your mind when it wants to give up so easily.

I have heard people say that Yoga is more a way of life than something that will keep you fit and to some extent I do agree, but only with Yoga is a way of life bit. It is a way of life and it does keep you fit. When practising Yoga you are holding positions that require balance, concentration and the breath. The breath enables you to perform better within a position or stretch, which challenges your body to improve. Once you have really worked your body through a series of routines it’s nice to completely relax your body for 15 minutes and most yoga classes will offer this at the end.

I hope that I can continue with Ashtanga Yoga and my whole Yoga experience, I would like to try other yoga’s such as Hatha and Bikram and I am sure there are whole lot more out there to try. If you haven’t tried a class then I would definitely recommend the http://www.yogaeastbourne.com/, they are friendly and helpful and the space is really nice to practice in.

I’ll keep you posted on how I get on.

Thanks for Reading



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