Please Can You Pass Me The Tissues?

Hello lovely readers 🙂

How is everyone? Hopefully not suffering with the horrendous cold, flu and chesty cough I’ve experienced over the past couple of days. I’m not looking for sympathy votes or words of kindness although if you feel inclined to send some positive vibes I’d be grateful. 🙂
I wanted to give you some top tips on how to deal with pesky germs that end up making us looking like Rudolph which then turns in to us having a nose made of flaky pastry, gross right? I’d agree, who wants to look like that? No one! 
I’m a big fan of natural healing remedies in the first instance such as Ginger, Lemon and Honey Tea, it’s great for the vitamin C boost and helps with sore throats and headaches. All made of fresh ingredients, I’ll write a blog on it next so you guys have it. You could make the tea suggested above and take two paracetamols, in effect it’s like making your own Lemsip but tends to taste ten times better. 
However if your nose is already streaming like a tap but somehow you can’t breathe, while vitamin C is good, it’s a little bit too late to make an impact with that alone so more orthodox medicines are needed and you’ll just have to ride the wave of the flu bug…. booooo!
Make sure you stock up on the essentials if you haven’t got them already:
  • Lemsip or +Beechams UK (Please check to make sure it’s not going to conflict with any additional medicines you are currently taking and check with your doctor if you’re not sure)
  • +Kleenex® Brand Tissues, especially the Balsam ones, this way you shouldn’t end up getting a nose that looks like it’s made of pastry. You may go through a box so going “Mansize” might be a good idea.
    •  It will scratch your skin so much, then the Rudolph flaky nose look is definite! You’ve been warned! 🙂
  • To ease what feels like a massive traffic jam in your sinuses, why not try Olbus Oil or Vick Vapor Rub, should relieve any congestion in your nose. 
  • Stock up on some +Berocca UK or supermarkets equivalent to prevent future bug attacks
  • Also carry around with you some antibacterial gel to make sure you’re not touching communal surfaces where other people will get the bug. 
  • Two days worth of films that are easy to watch and a sofa buddy! 

Once you have got through the worst of it you may end up with the a red nose, this should pass in a couple of days, however the flakyness will appear, this is where you should invest in some +Vaseline jelly or Nivea cream to moisturise the area where the tissues have scratched your little nosal with what feels like sandpaper.

Try not to do any exercise whilst your poorly, especially with chesty coughs, the increase of cardio workouts can put further unwanted pressure on your heart. Make sure you look after that ticker of yours! 🙂 
Be kind to yourself and make sure you get lots of rest, sleep and drink lots of water between your medicinal drinks. If you can also surround yourself with amazing people after feeling rubbish they can make you feel ten times better and I think you’re past the contagious stage then! 
Stay Healthy People, Spring and Summer is on its way! 🙂 Yay! 
Thanks for reading 

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