"Hmm, Excuse Me Miss, But Do You Dance…?"

I’d like to state that a: this picture looks nothing like me and b: I could never look that good in a shirt, however her face does look a lot like what I imagined my face looked like whilst waiting for a train this afternoon. 
I’d say her face is portraying these thoughts, “Is this man talking to me?”, “Do I know this man?”, “What does this man want, directions?”, “No dear, I do not work here!”. 
The last thought popped straight in to my mind after he asked me “Hmm excuse me Miss, but do you dance?”, WHAT? WAIT? Did my ears just deceive me? No, No, he actually asked if I danced. Now I think my face looked more like this…..
To which I hesitantly reply “err I used to, but not so much any more”, thinking that this would be the end of our conversation and we would go on our separate ways…..but wait this gentleman had more to say……OH NO, MORE QUESTIONS? 
He then said “Yeah I can tell, you look like someone who studied ballet or gymnastics, what type of dance do you do now”, to my reply, “well mainly salsa, but studied some dance modules at college years ago”. Which is true and I have friends that can vouch for this. 
Don’t get me wrong the man was polite and he didn’t make me feel uncomfortable but with my work attire I suppose it was showing off my overly muscley man sized calves, (DAMN THOSE HEEL RAISES). The man then confirmed that he wants to learn to salsa, but in the States as he doesn’t live in the UK. Fair Enough, Makes Sense. I actually thought “Thank GOODNESS, NOW RUUUUNNN :). I couldn’t because my train wasn’t in yet and I was wearing four inch heels….. Yes, Yes, I’m a shorty! 
You must be wondering why on earth I’m writing a blog about this said experience. Well after the gentleman left (and he did say goodbye, very polite) I was left there, thinking that was brave of him and that maybe once in a while I should take a compliment, which I hope he was actually doing. But also standing there thinking , I should maybe check to make sure he isn’t going to follow me, my heels were not in the mood for kicking anyone’s butt!  
On a slightly serious note though, when a friend or someone you know pays you a compliment, they aren’t looking for anything in return, just take it, say thank you and be confident with saying thank you too. Try not to be arrogant and say “I know thanks”, because that’s just not polite or attractive. It did perk my afternoon up and I was able to laugh it off with friends and family. I think they secretly were laughing at me… not that they would ever admit to that 🙂 I don’t blame them to be honest. 🙂
I’d also want to give a little analysis as to why he was attracted to say such a thing… but I think I’ll leave that to next time. 😉
Thanks for reading people, 

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