“Ssssshhhh!!!” the lady behind the counter hissed as I entered in to my local library and completely forgetting to adjust my volume button on my voice. Ooops!

When was the last time you went in to a library? 
Unless you’re still in education, when else would you need a library?. We’ve got the internet now, which could give me so much more and how can I be sure that that information is reliable? 
I’ve been doing some research recently in to the history of Tea, as I was intrigued and  just because I love drinking the stuff, I’m a bit geeky like that! “Why not look on the internet?”, I hear you say. Well in my opinion there is nothing better then feeling a book in your hands that gives you all the information that you need, compared to the glare of a computer screen whilst looking on the internet for hours looking for the right information. I’m not discounting the internet, I use it all the time, Google is my best friend but I also love learning and reading from books, always have and always will. 
I looked at a few things on-line and I also didn’t want to have to keep buying books that cost more money, so I thought why not register to my local library, that way I could borrow a similar book and return it when I have all the information. 
So I register my account (online, see it has its uses) to my local library and trotted down there. After walking in I completely forgot that it was a place to be quiet and so when the librarian “sssshd” me, I felt like a naughty school girl that would surely be sent to the corner until I learned the errors of my ways. So glad that didn’t happen. Phew! 
I searched for a computer that would give me the destination of a book I was looking for. I found instruments so familiar to me, a monitor, a keyboard a mouse, the search field. Great! I knew what I was doing. Once the computer located my book, I then had to ask the librarian (the lady who “ssshhd” me) to confirm that I was using the correct information to locate my book, to which she kindly confirmed and then showed me where the book would be. So embarrassing! 
Further more I asked the most stupid question, I asked… wait for it… I asked “Do I pay on return of the book or do I pay now?” WHAT AN IDIOT!!!
To which the librarian looked confused at me and replied ” the book is free, we would only charge you if you’re late with returning it after 3 weeks!” I thanked her and quickly exited so that she didn’t see my face turning red with embarrassment and to not see the eyes of those who overheard my awkwardness.  
Although my experience at the library was an eventful one, I forgot how much I like being in that type of environment. Surrounded by books, quietness and all that knowledge, it makes a real change to the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. Also occasional mishaps happening like this in my day to day life, which some people would find funny and wonder how I actually function in life. 🙂

Anyway, I would encourage you to make time to visit your local library the next time you are in need of some information. With the advancement of technology as it is, it’s scary to think that one day we might not have libraries any more as there wouldn’t be a need for them.

Thanks for reading 

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