“Can I See Your ID Please?”

A common phrase that a lady over the age of 21 would want to hear I guess. However in my case it’s a phrase that I hear all too often but as I’ve got older I’ve started to realise that it’s an opportunity to be complimented.

Also just for the record it’s not because I buy lots of alcohol, or cigarettes or Bonjella. Yes that’s right, you did read that right, I said, “Bonjella!”

At the young age of 24 (four years ago now) I got asked to provide ID as I was buying Bonjella! BONJELLA? God only knows what the woman behind the counter thought I was going to do with it! To be fair to her, I did have my hair up and ear muffs on and in a work uniform which could have been mistaken for a school uniform, but still! It’s Bonjella!

I’ve generally loved life from an early age.
In the Golden Years  I liked gnawing my cot to escape. The lady in the picture is mumma goose by the way, she’s amazing! 🙂 And yes I had Care Bear wallpaper…and what? 🙂
To enjoying the delicacies of Maltese ice cream at three.
Right up to wanting to jump so high I could reach the sky
To being squeezed in to a goal keepers hockey bag! Yep they zipped it up and wheeled me around!
Sorry I digress, back to the blog, anyway….
How many of you get asked for ID? Whats the worst thing you’ve been ID’d for? At what age did you start getting ID’d?
If my friends and family were to describe me (I’m hoping they would be kind) the first thing they would probably say is “she’s a short arse” and they would be telling the truth. I’m proud to be a tall 5ft 1″ lady with a “baby face” (actually that would look a bit weird but you know what I mean) so sometimes I can deceive people to think that I’m younger than my years.
Shouts “Result” as she pumps the air with her fist.
With a common response from me being, “Wait! What? You think I look 19? Really? I know I look young but 10 years younger! Come on, you must be having a giraffe”. However I must say that I will like the younger looks when I’m 50 and hopefully so will my husband! 🙂With that comment in mind, I look back at the last 10 years and think,
“What’s changed?”
Well, not a lot really. I’ve just gone where my journey of life has taken me and this where I am and who I am today. There have been occasions where I have seen some videos or photos of me in the last ten years and as I have watched myself it feels like I’m watching a complete stranger. Then I start to ask questions, have I really changed that much? Could I ever be that person again, they look so carefree, confident and spritely? How could I be so naive? I like that version of me. But in actual fact the person on the screen is the person who has made me who I am today. That person has allowed me to be confident in my own skin, I am happy, I am loving life, I’m grateful for the lessons I have learnt and still carefree and spritely ( generally when I haven’t over done it at hockey or the gym). I have nothing bad to say about the young little lady from 10 years ago other than a big thanks I guess.
So, if there are ladies and gents out there that constantly get asked for ID and you find it highly annoying just remember the journey you have already travelled and the rest of the path you yet to discover. How exciting is that? Also remember that in this moment right now is the best place to be. You can’t change the past, what’s done is done and there is no point dwelling on the “What IF’s” of the future (ok an element of planning does help, but still I think you get the jist).
Be happy with you right NOW!
What’s that famous saying? “Smile and the world smiles with you” It’s so true
Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed the pictures 🙂
Little Lady Me

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