Spring has Sprung…. YAY!!!!!

Out of all the seasons, Spring and Autumn are my favourite. Spring brings new beginnings, new lease of life and colour to my world after the cold, wet, bleak and bare winter only a few months before.

What does Spring mean for you?

How does Spring make you feel?

One of my favourite things about this time of year are the blossoms on the trees. Those beautiful colours aren’t around for very long and so it makes me appreciate their beauty all the more. To think that those trees have laid bare, dormant, what seems like sleeping, through the winter to then burst in to life and colour come Spring, is just wonderful.

I think sometimes we as individuals are like those trees, quiet, reserved and withdrawn during the winter months, drawing our energy to the place where it matters the most, our roots and come Spring, we burst in to life. We are more active, happier, sociable and more positive. You hear phrases like ” I have a spring in my step” or “time for some spring cleaning”, life just seems more upbeat and I love that. Spring seems to activate our sleepy energy centres, just like those trees, enabling us to wake up and be more active and live our lives more than we did before.

Everyone seems happier and sociable when the sun is out, would you agree? Instead of having their coffee inside they have it outside or meet with friends in the park and have a picnic. People seem more polite, they smile more and generally upbeat. Peoples clothes seem to be different too, instead of the black winter coat you see people wear coloured spring jackets or where the temperature is still a little bit cold people wear a brightly coloured scarf to t-shirts and shorts and even flip flops. Spring feels like a friendly, inviting season. I love it.

Somehow the sun shines differently changing my perspective of my world and waking me up to positive changes that may happen in the future. It’s ok I haven’t gone dollally, I haven’t got a crystal ball and nor am I a mystic Meg ( although I’m sure some of my friends would try to convince you I am nutter). What I mean is, is that I don’t what these changes will be but I do know that nothing stays the same, everything is always changing, it’s how you deal with it that will make the difference.

Us human beans ( I know it’s “beings” but I like saying human beans because I think it’s funny <<<<<<<< see I know exactly what you’re thinking… NUTTER) don’t like change and yet it’s one of the most constant things we know will happen, just like the seasons.

Why do you fear change?

 Does it excite you or does it scare you too much? How do you deal with change?

I’d be interested to know.

Like you though, I also resist change sometimes and when a change eventually happens and I am comfortable with it, I wonder what all the fuss was about, I think it’s just not knowing the unknown. I feel comfortable in myself to know that whatever life has got to throw at me, good or bad, I know I will be ok! It will all be ok for you too.

I hope you enjoy Spring 2014 and all the happiness and changes it will give you.Let spring be the reason for positive changing your life that you future self will thank you for.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the pictures I took.

Little Lady Me.

3 thoughts on “Spring has Sprung…. YAY!!!!!

  1. Beautiful. And I love change…I kinda crave it. But most people don’t. And I think the reason is they are afraid of things that are beyond their control. When you walk into the unfamiliar….you have to be surrendered to it for awhile. And people love control. So change is an issue;)

    • Thanks for your feedback, means a lot. As I have got older I have come to realise that all thought change is scary it’s also good, you can only move froward not back, so change is inevitable. Sometimes people don’t have the awareness to surrender and I think they are the ones that struggle with changes. Hope you have a great day! 🙂

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