3 Books That Changed My Life…

“You seem so confident”, would be the response I would get from friends when I told them that I have a low self esteem. They seemed shocked and surprised that someone who appeared to be confident was fighting a battle with themselves everyday, just like them.

I’d like to share with you my encounter with three fantastic, inspiring and thought provoking books that have helped me to overcome my own personal challenges. They come with high recommendations and when you get the chance to read them for yourself I’m sure you won’t be disappointed and would love to hear your thoughts.

Over the years and especially into my early twenties, I coped with my anxieties and over worrying realtively well. When I hit 25 all that coping took it’s toll and I wasn’t in a very positive place. I’d always have the constant negative voice in my head that berated everything I ever tried to do or did wrong. It would let me worry over what people thought about me and what they say behind my back and I was also never kind to myself. I would always be beating myself up for things that were unimportant to everyone else but to me it was like the I had pressed the big RED button on the world and it was going to explode.

Push Me!

But when I’ve had enough, that’s it, I’ve actually had enough! I decided that things have to change. I have had good and bad experiences in my life, (like most, actually like everyone) but I was dealing with them with the negative mindset, yes even the positive experiences I managed to turn around to a negative.

I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason and at the time of self discovery and wanting to help myself, someone very dear to me, gave me the first book that would help me to change my perception on life, on me and the world around me. In all honesty I thought the book wouldn’t mean or do anything to assist with my own battle but how I was wrong, surprised and realised how judgemental I could be. I read the book, things changed. 🙂

1: Happiness Is A Choice – Barry Neil Kaufman

Happiness is a Choice


This book gave me an insight to how you can shape your world by choosing happiness every time. Admittedly it takes practice to remain positive about potentially negative experiences and by no means am I saying that people should feel positive about negative situations in their life but this book does explain how it can make things easier to deal with. All I can say is read the book and you’ll know what I mean. It’s filled with stories where happiness was chosen over every other emotion and also the author explains his practice and thoughts to applying this simple but powerful method. It’s a mindset. It’s a perception. It makes you see things differently and somehow have compassion for yourself and others. It’s a wonderful book. Read it, it won’t be a waste of time. 🙂

The second book was one that gave me an understanding of how I fit in with the world and people around me. To be aware of the he actions and words I used and understand how they impact work colleagues family and friends. It’s a great book to read for the workplace.

2: How To Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie 


My third book is one that is quite profound and has to be read with a very open mind. No more open than that, more…… more….. there we go! 🙂

Anyway, my third book is one that is quite profound, giving an insight to someone’s struggle with anxieties, worries and the day to day struggle with hanging on to what was perceived as reality. How being in the present moment can eradicate most anxieties and worries about the past and future. It’s very powerful stuff.

3: The Power Of Now -Eckhart Tolle 

The Power Of Now


Please don’t let the Spiritual Enlightenment put you off from reading this great book, it’s not full of mumbo jumbo stuff, I think it could help anyone suffering with anxiety, depression and worries. As I mentioned above it talks about how to remain in the present so that your egoistic mind isn’t travelling to the past or to the future to create anxiety and worry for you to ponder on and tie emotions too.It’s a thought provoking book, a book that you may have to pick up and put down whilst you process what you have read. The book helps you relate to aspects of your life in which you can relfect. It’s not for someone who isn’t a searching soul with closed eyes and mind. NO, NO, actually it’s perfect for someone who has a closed mind and eyes because it does the opposite.

Although I read these over a period of time, they have stuck with me and I happily read them again and again and again, like I did with my favourite fairytale book as a child.

It’s safe to say that as I have got older and constantly searching for ways to expand my soul and mind, my anxieties and worries have got 100 times better. I still have off days where they like to remind me that they are still there but I wouldn’t be human if they didn’t do that. I also have my family and friends to thank because also without their on going support I’m not too sure where I would have ended up. I’d probably have ended up like one of those toys that you wind up and once it hits a skirting board it just keeps trying to plough on through, but just stays in one spot.

If you suffer with anxieties, worries, stresses or negativity, I urge you to speak to someone you can trust, or just anyone who will listen, shake it off and start again.

My dear Nanny used to say to me ” A Problem Shared is a Problem Halved”, she is so right! I love my Nanny, GOD bless her soul! 🙂

Maybe buy these books, or rent from your local library ( not too sure they will have them but still worth a try) and change that perception because that will be the one major thing that that will hold you back.

To finish today’s post I leave you with a quote:

“Smile and the world smiles with you, cry and you cry alone.”

– Stanley Gordon West

Thank you for reading

Little Lady Me


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