I’m eradicating my ego!

ego-eradicatorFor long time I have been trying to find a Kundalini Yoga and at last I have found one! Yipee! 🙂

Kundalini Yoga is an amazing practice, it’s a way of life and like all yoga’s will change your life.

I attended a class on Thursday of this week and it made me really realise how much I missed practising and how I should attend more classes, which I intend to do. Other than it being physically challenging it’s also mentally challenging too and allows you to become focused and present with the here and now. I love it.

After the class I spoke to the yoga teacher and asked what practice I could do at home that would help me to get rid of the ups and downs I have with my emotions week in week out. Without hesitation the yoga teacher said try the “Ego Eradicator”. I thought it sounded like some sort of machine that you stick on your head and it gets rid of your ego somehow. I didn’t know what she meant but when she showed me, I remembered that we did the move in the class. She advised to practice this asana for 40 days at 3 minute stints once or twice a day and see the changes it will have on your life.

I’m on day two at the moment so I doubt any changes have happened yet for me to recognise, but I will keep you posted over the next month as to what happens.

What do you do guys do to help with keeping your emotions in check? I do recommend a daily practise that focuses the mind and helps you with your day.

If you would like to know more about the “Ego Eradicator” I have attached a link to a Youtube video where Anne Novak explains the posture really well. Don’t be put off by the breath of fire, it’s an amazing breathing technique that makes you feel vitalised and invigorated afterwards.

Enjoy 🙂

Thanks for reading

Little Lady Me x





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