How’s Your Mental Health?

Mental Health

Today we saw Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister make a speech about how mental health in the UK needs to be treated the same as if you have a physical injury or illness. I couldn’t agree more and it’s good that mental health has started to gain some ground with support from central government. It’s all good news, right?

For me there is still something that niggles at me. I heard a phrase that said “if the Lib Dems are re-elected in to government next year that they will spend x amount of £’s on mental health services”, is not a ploy just to be re-elected? Is it not pulling on the heart strings of all those individuals that are vulnerable and suffering with mental health to get them to vote, in hope that they will be seen quicker? It really annoys me when political campaigns do this!

In my opinion, whether they get re-elected or not or which ever party is elected, they should be making this a priority. The government should be making it their priority now! I appreciate that up until recently it’s been very difficult to discuss mental health issues because of the huge stigma that is attached to it but this shouldn’t prevent people from obtaining better health care.

I think I’d want to know how will the NHS cope with the level of mental health issues raised when we can’t even support our nurses and midwives? What level of service can a patient expect to receive when they are referred? Will the NHS have to pay external therapists to see clients because there is too much of a demand and what strain this will have on the NHS?

I really do hope for the people that suffer with mental health or varying degrees, me included, that this promise of investment isn’t just a ploy to get the Lib Dems re-elected, because a lot of people genuinely need this support now and it will go to show how low some parties will go in desperation to be re-elected.

I think the charitable work done to support people with mental health is truly amazing, MIND,, The Samaritans to name a few, they try their very best to assist those that suffer and in my experience have helped in the best way they can. These charities need to be given the opportunity (if Lib Dems get re-elected) to work with the government and to assist or advise or provide information because they’ve been doing it for years and from more of a holistic stance, without the pills and judgements.

Governments please don’t use the goodwill and the vulnerability of people to win your political game. Stop saying “IF WE GET RE-ELECTED”.

Do something about it now whilst you still have the power! 


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