A Nice Little Surprise

Yesterday I decided to get my butt out of the house and down to the London Wetland Centre to escape the four walls at home. I admit, I did leave it a little bit late in the day to go, the sun was starting it’s descent. Really you need a good few hours to take it all in and if you’re anything like me, take lots and lots of pictures. Some good, but some are just really bad!

The small Eurasian Otters were due a small feed at 16:00, so I knew I had a bit of time to wander around. I love coming to the Wetland Centre, it’s full of wildfowl and wildlife that is rare to see when living in London, and it’s a great place to reflect and just be quiet. If you’re ever in London, I would definitely recommend a visit.

Anyway, had I not got the motivation to get out in the sunshine yesterday, I would never have come cross the Robin in the photo. I was heading back to the Otters and from the hedgerow, this beautiful little Robin crossed my path. I thought that it was a nice little surprise. I wasn’t too close but close enough that my camera lens could zoom in and take a picture. However, I was ore surprised when the Robin kept getting closer and closer and closer, to the point where the zoom on my camera couldn’t focus on it any more.


I couldn’t believe just how brave it was, coming that close, perhaps it thought I had some seeds or food? I guess Robin’s are known for visiting when you’re digging up gardens, looking for a tasty meal, but I wasn’t in my garden and I wasn’t digging. It also reminded me of a dog walker feeding a Robin from his hand every day since July 2015. I find it wonderful that we have the ability to connect with nature like that.

The picture I managed to take was when it decided to hop past me a little and it meant I could zoom in and focus. I hope that one day I may be able to experience something similar to that of the dog walker, however I am grateful for my little encounter with this beautiful bird.



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