Happy International Womens Day


We Can do it

What a positive start to the week women are having. Sunday 6th was Mothers Day and today we celebrate International Women’s Day. Go Women! As women seem to be the main topic of the week, today’s post is exactly about that.

In my world, I like to think that being outwardly positive helps other people around me, whether male or female. I think helping others is something I have always enjoyed, not through self gratification, but somehow I hope that it genuinely makes someones life, better, brighter and happier somehow. Isn’t it about being a decent human being?  Possibly in the future, if I ever needed the same support, I’d hope my friends and family would be there to help me. I’m sure they would.

One thing I can’t seem to get my head around, is how women are so quick to tear each other down rather than build each other up. Why is that? Is it easier to judge and comment in a negative manner, rather than compliment and support in a positive way? Does society push us to envy those women that are successful and so that forces us to be negative?

However, I think young women in today’s society struggle with the lack of role models in the public eye, that they can look up to and be inspired by. With the internet being at the very end of our finger tips. Where nearly every question asked can be answered and social media flooding timelines with negative messages of how women “should” look, with not a lot on, its no wonder some young women find it hard to accept themselves in a world that seems to be misguided by beauty and intelligence.

How did we get to a place in time where society accepts that it’s ok for women to take naked selfies and post them on social media, however when a woman feeds her hungry baby in public it’s branded as disgusting, vulgar, that she should cover up? Why is that?

We all know that “sex” sells, but why do some women feel the need to take their clothes off and show everyone what they haven’t got on? Does this not teach young women that the only thing we could possibly offer is our bodies?  It may sound like I’m contradicting myself by “tearing down” those women who choose to bare all on social media, but I think I am just raising awareness to how those types of images impact young women today. Does it not feed their insecurities and add additional pressure when they are trying to find their place in the world? Should we not be encouraging inner beauty radiates more than just external beauty and that you’re successful intellect can help you to achieve your goals,dreams and ambitions? I think I know which one I would prefer. I Just don’t see how baring all for others to see positively inspires young women. I don’t think it does at all.

Let’s see if we can be the change that we want to see in the world. With self respect, pride and dignity and intellect we can inspire and motivate the young women of today become amazing leaders and positive role models for our future.

Happy International Women’s Day

Have a Great Day



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